Discover Why Tarot Card Readings...

Can Reveal the Dirty Truth About Your Lover or Ex

Watch this video now to find out what the difference is between a regular psychic reading and a tarot card reading...

  • Gives precision
  • Provides insight on details that can easily be overlooked
  • Helps you make decisions with deadly accuracy
  • Can give you longer time frames as to when something will occur

The difference in readings is simple: one involves me and my natural ability and requires a lot of energy. When I use tarot cards, I am able to read more into your energy and the tarot cards help interpret this.

A tarot card reading can provide you with insight when you are feeling troubled or heart broken. A tarot card reading is an extension of me. It allows me to go well into the future to really determine what's going on with pin point precision.

They help offer a reflection of your past, present and potentially future challenges. It can help me provide guidance for you to give you a fresh start on your life.

Whether you are feeling confused or concerned about a given problem, they really can help give the guidance and answers you desperately seek.

I use tarot cards to help give you peace of mind to your worries.

I always shuffle my deck for a new reading and this helps channel my energy into tapping into exactly what is going on in your life.

A basic reading cost for 15 minutes costs $25. I find some of my clients will demand three tarot card readings during a regular reading. I can sometimes throw in one, but tarot card readings go for $50 dollars a session.

Reading, interpreting and applying the meanings of the tarot cards that are selected requires an immense amount of training and practice. I love to do tarot card readings, but I must be able to focus my energy on you and them in order to provide the accuracy I know you want.

My business hours are 8AM-10PM daily. All calls are based on the Pacific Standard Time zone.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for whatever reason you are not happy or satisfied with your reading, simply ask for your money back. No questions. No hassle. I promise to deliver an absolutely quality tarot card reading.

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Name Spread Tarot Reading
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    My great great grandmother created this style of reading. I spell out the individual's name using tarot cards. You get the most accurate reading. I gain tremendous insight into someone.

    5 Card Tarot Reading
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      Standard card reading. This takes approximately 15 minutes. Great for getting some basic questions answered and concrete confirmations. Provides insight into someone's character.