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Get The Relationship of Your Dreams With Affordable Coaching from This Dating Expert

Coaching sessions with Manny have 4 primary benefits:

  • Dedicated one on one time with him on a consistent basis
  • Work with you until you achieve your goals
  • On going continued support via text and email that is only available to his coaching students
  • Get your ex back if you follow his advice bottom line

Often I receive a lot of questions about love and dating. Most of my clients are female who are interested in either obtaining the man of their dreams or just getting someone in general.

They ask me about love spells. Honestly, I prefer not to do love spells as they can range anywhere from $100-$500 and I'd be doing the work for you. I rather teach you how to get someone and then keep the person on your own.

Paying someone thousands of dollars to get someone back to you doesn't solve the core issues. I've had clients spend $4000, $16,000 and $24,000 respectively on different psychics before they came to me. These other psychics got them nothing in the end. I get you results because I teach you how. I help reprogram your mind.

I can help you get someone but if there are not certain traits you are unwilling to explore and change, then you are just throwing money away.

Matt, my Operations Manager, was one of my best and hardest cases to deal with. He spent over $16,000 for psychic advice to try and get back a woman. He ended up with nothing but receipts and credit card debt to show it until I came into the picture. I would help him get closer to the woman yet then he would mess it up. There were traits he did not change until now.

Spells require a constant renewal if you will. They work but they ware off after time. Why not learn how to get and keep someone on your own. In fact it's my goal that you quit paying. That means I did my job. I helped you achieve your goal.

I can help you accomplish your goal if you work with me. I do not believe in being dishonest in this unusual practice. Plenty of people lie to you.

I can get whoever you want but my biggest question for you is will you be able to maintain the relationship permanently on your own?

This is my recommended course of action for you in order to achieve consistent results: Get coaching consultations from me that are specific to your situation.

We do multiple sessions in a row to help you stay focused and reinforce constantly what I teach you. This is a one time payment via PayPal. You will be redirected back to for further instructions upon successfully paying.

Weekly session slots do fill up fast each week. So be sure to reserve your spot now. I can't guarantee times as this is first come first serve basis.

I offer two different coaching options.


6 Sessions + Bonus Session
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    $300 for six 30 minute sessions plus one bonus session spread out over one-two weeks and follow up text messaging for the month your sessions starts.

    This package is normally worth $350. My normal hourly rate is $100. I don't even offer on going email and text messaging support to regular paying clients. Only students I am coaching.

    3 Sessions
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      $150 for three 30 minute sessions within a 7 day period and follow up text messaging for the month. Text messaging is only available to coaching students.

      Get started now and block out your time. The very fact you get follow up text messaging support is like having a Psychic In Your Pocket.